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Share Accounts
Share (Savings) Accounts
Club Accounts
Christmas Club
Vacation Club
Piggy Bank Accounts
Share and Club Account Rates
500.01 and up 0.10% APY


Loan Accounts

Share Secured Loans

(Add 1.00% for 72 Months) Rate: 6.50%* Term: 60 Months

Signature Loans

*(Your rate depends on your Credit Score) Rate: 13.00% to 18.00% * Term: 36 Months
Minimum $500.00 Maximum $6000.00
Any late payment within 6 months prior to the application for a refinance will result in the denial of loan.
Christmas Loans (available in November and December) Rate: 16.00%* Term: 12 Months
Vacation Loans (available in June and July) Rate: 16.00%* Term: 12 Months
Back to School Loans (available in August and September) Rate: 16.00%* Term: 9 Months
Graduation Loans (available in April and May) Rate: 16.00%* Term: 12 Months

Vehicle Loans

*(Your rate depends on your Credit Score) Rate 7.0% to 12.0%* Term: Maximum 72 months (6 years)
Must have copy of window sticker
100% + 5% of MSRP not to exceed actual purchase price
*(Your rate depends on your Credit Score and the year of the car) Rate 7.0% to 13.0%* Term: Maximum 60 months (5 years)
*(We do not finance vehicles over 10 years old.)
100%  +5% of NADA Trade-In Value (Mileage adjusted) not to exceed actual purchase price
Recreational Vehicles, ATVs, and Motorcycles, Boat, Motor and Trailer, Campers and Motor Homes, Tractors, Commercial Lawn mowers and Lawn mowers, Tractors, Commercial Lawn mowers
New Rate 8.0% to 18.0%* Terms: 60 months
*(Your rate depends on your Credit Score)
90% of MSRP
Used Rate 9.0% to 18.0%* Terms: 48 months
*(Your rate depends on your Credit Score and the year of the vehicle)
 NADA Trade In Value

Fee Schedule Revised 01/01/22
Membership Fee $ 5.00
(One time fee – non refundable)
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $15.00
(More than 4 withdrawals in 1 Month)
Low Balance Fee $15.00
(Bringing Balance below $100.00)
Share to Loan Transfer Free
Early Withdrawal/Closing Club Accounts $25.00
Monthly Fee $ 6.00
Deduct $2.00 Sign up for e-statement
FREE Accounts for Members over 60
Monthly Maintenance Fee (Waived if you sign up for electronic statements) $2.00
Courtesy Pay (per item) $30.00
Share Transfer (per transfer) $ 1.50
NSF fee $30.00
Stop Payment Fee $36.00
OTHER FEES (all accounts)
Loan Application Fee $25.00
Short Term Small Amount Loans $20.00
Doc Fee for Secured Loans (added to loans) $75.00
Returned Mail Fee (each occurrence) $5.00
UCC Filing Fee Actual Cost
Title Filing Fee Actual Cost plus $1
Lien Release $10.00
Research and/or Reconciliation Assistance $30.00
per hour (1 hour minimum)
Statement Copies or History Printout $ 3.00
Copy of Paid Check $ 3.00
Mailing Fee (regular mail) $ 2.00
Expedited Mail Actual cost plus $2.00
Late Payment Fee 5% of delinquent amount, minimum $15.00
Dormant Account Fee $25.00 per quarter
Account Inquiry (verbal) Free
Account Verification (written) $ 5.00
Statement Printing $ 2.00
Deposit Return Item (all accounts) $30.00
Special Loan Fee $30.00
Garnishment Processing Actual Cost
(in addition to fees charged by courts)
Repossession Fee $25.00
(In addition to fee charged by Repo agent)
Assign account to collection agency $25.00
(plus actual cost)
Escheatment Fee $25.00
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